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Find the best Dunlop Tennis Racket for your needs this season! Our guide breaks down the top models, research and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

dunlop tennis racket

For a good reason, Dunlop is a well-known brand in the world of tennis. Their rackets have been used by some of the top players in the sport and have a reputation for being durable and reliable.

This article will take a closer look at some of Dunlop’s most popular tennis rackets on the market, including their features, performance, and overall value. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s sure to be a Dunlop racket that’s right for you. Below we’ve listed some of the best Dunlop tennis rackets on the market today:

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Dunlop Sports Team 285 

Dunlop CX Team 265

Dunlop CX200 Tour

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Team 285 

This racket is designed for beginner to intermediate tennis players and is known for its combination of power, control, and spin. It features a large head size of around 100 sq. in, with a grippy 16×19 string pattern to help with generating spin. This is a solid beginner to intermediate racquet for the player looking for ease of use and stability.

CX Team 265

The lightweight Dunlop CX Team 265 is all about blending value with performance providing a comfortable hitting experience for the intermediate and beginner player. The 100% graphite design makes the CX Team 265 a very stable frame and an excellent option for improving players who want a spin-friendly racquet with effortless acceleration and controllable power.

CX 200 Tour

With this update, this frame maintains its high standard of control and seriously improves its power and spin generation. The red color highlights the thin box beam of this 95 sq. in racket, which goes perfectly with the control-oriented 18×20 string pattern. The Dunlop CX 200 Tour (18×20) provides the perfect specs for advanced all-court players.

Pro 265

Play with a game-enhancing combination of power and control, improved by Vibrotech innovation for added comfort. Ideal for intermediate and beginner players. The CX Team 265’s 100% graphite construction makes it a stable frame while maintaining its maneuverability.

Team 260

The Dunlop Sports Team 260 is a sturdy and versatile frame, featuring a 10 sq. inch head size with a tight 16×19 string pattern for more control. This racket is for the rising intermediate player looking for easy handling, stability, and power.

FX 500

The FX 500 is a modern player’s racquet offering easy access to power, putting the ultimate all-around racket in your hands. It comes at a 10.6 oz unstrung weight, making it the second heaviest in the FX family. This racket is for the intermediate to advanced player looking for an equal amount of speed and comfort combined with striking force.

Pro 255

The Dunlop Pro 255 is a lightweight frame perfect for the beginner looking for a balance of power and spin from the large 100 sq. in. hitting surface and a grippy 16×19 string pattern. The lightweight design, at a very light 9.0 oz unstrung weight, is very maneuverable with a 24mm beam without sacrificing stability. Ideal for beginners or players looking for an easy-to-swing racquet.

FX 500 LS

The FX 500 LS racquet is based on the characteristics of the FX 500, offering excellent maneuverability thanks to its lighter weight. The Dunlop FX 500 LS comes with a 10 sq-in head, a more lightweight 10.7 oz strung weight, and a 16×19 string pattern. The FX 500 LS is a great fit for the improving intermediate player who wants a quick and comfortable frame with quick access to power. 

SX 300 LS

The SX 300 LS offers impressive power with controlled accuracy for the intermediate player. This lighter version (10.6 oz strung weight) of the SX 300 is also an excellent option for players who don’t want to experience arm fatigue from a heavy frame. Ultimately the SX 300 LS is ideal for the intermediate player looking for a light, spin-friendly racquet with precise targeting.

FX 700

It has the largest head size (107 sq. in) in the FX series and features an extended length (27.5 in) to add extra oomph to groundstrokes and serves. This user-friendly racquet weighs just under 10 oz, offeringimpressive ease of use and an arm-friendly hitting experience. The FX 700 is perfect if you’ve got a short to medium swing style and want an oversized racquet with a seductive combination of maneuverability, comfort, and power.

LX 800

At under 10 oz of weight, Dunlop offers an impressive combination of power and comfort to beginner and intermediate-level players. The LX 800 has an oversize 110 sq-in head and is slightly longer at 27.5 inches for greater reach. Perfect for players with a shorter, more compact swing style who want the racket to do the work.

CX 400

The CX 400 is the lightest model in its class at 10.7 oz and is a perfect blend of power, control, and spin. Power and depth come easy, and there is more than enough spin potential to bring the ball down quickly. This racket provides intermediate players with a lively, spin-friendly hitting experience – think aggressive baseliners.

SX 600

This racquet features a 105 sq. in head, with a slightly extended length at 27.25 in., offering a larger sweet spot in combination with a lighter weight which allows for easy handling for all situations on the tennis court.

With an open string pattern (for more depth and extra spin), it has also added a more flexible beam design, making this one of the most arm-friendly rackets in its category. It’s perfect for players needing extra power and spin, without sacrificing comfort should put the SX 600 on their demo shortlist.

SX 300

The racket easily cuts through the air and generates a lot of spin from all over the court. It also has a more modern sweet spot higher up, where heavy topspin players spend the majority of their time.

This update is ideal for hitting powerful balls with tones of spin that explode off the court. The SX 300 is an excellent choice for aggressive players looking for a spin-generating machine with plenty of power to finish rallies at will.

Most Important Dunlop Racket Lines

Now that we’ve seen most of the Dunlop tennis rackets, let’s take a look at the Racket Series!

Dunlop SX Series 

The Dunlop SX line is for the player who wants easy access to speed and spin. The SX line features a unique Spin Boost technology, a series of specialized grommets designed to increase the accuracy of shots hit with spin. Some of the models in the Dunlop SX series include the SX 300, SX 300 Tour, SX 300L, SX 300 Lite, SX 600.

Dunlop CX Series 

Dunlop CX racquets combine classic control and feel coupled with modern speed for all skill levels. Modern day players now hit the ball with more spin, and at the top of the racket as opposed to the center.

Dunlop has designed the CX Series to have a 30% larger sweet spot, so players can play with more confidence, particularly on off-center hits. Some of the models in the Dunlop CX series include the CX Pro, CX 400, CX 400 Tour, CX 200, CX 200 LS, CX 200 OS and CX 200 Tour.

Dunlop FX Series 

The FX line is designed from the ground up for a comfortable and reliable hitting experience in the modern power game. It features a stiff and powerful beam construction along with several comfort technologies to help with feel. This racquet line has options for every skill level. Some of the models in the Dunlop FX series include the FX 500 Tour, FX 500 Lite, FX 700, FX 500 LS, FX 500 and FX 700.

Dunlop LX Series

Dunlop LX racquets are built for the improving player who wants ultra easy access to power along with a high level of comfort. The models in the Dunlop LX series include the LX 800 and the LX 1000.


Where do Dunlop tennis rackets come from? 

Dunlop Sport is a British sports equipment manufacturing company founded in 1910 that specializes in racquet sports such as tennis, squash, padel, and badminton. Dunlop Sport makes tennis rackets, tennis strings, tennis balls, and tennis bags. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese consortium, purchased the Dunlop Sport brand in 2017.

How much can you expect to spend on a Dunlop tennis racket? 

The price of a Dunlop tennis racket can vary depending on the model and features. In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from $60 to $200 or more on a Dunlop racket. 

What is the warranty on Dunlop tennis rackets? 

All new tennis racquets come with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and replacements are at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Which tennis pros use Dunlop tennis rackets?

Some of the greatest tennis legends played Dunlop rackets during their career: Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Kevin Anderson, Rod Laver, and John McEnroe.

Top players currently playing with Dunlop rackets include Jamie Murray, Liam Broady, Jack Draper, Miomir Kecmanovic, Wang Qiang and Zarina Diyas. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dunlop tennis rackets offer a solid choice for players of all ability levels. The wide range of models available provides options for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. With its combination of power, control, and comfort, Dunlop rackets are an excellent option for players who want to take their game to the next level.

However, it’s important to remember that different rackets have different strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one player might not work for another. Additionally, some players may find the weight and balance of certain models less favorable.

As always, it is recommended to test a racket before making a purchase and reading customer reviews, which can be a valuable resource in making a well-informed decision. That said, Dunlop tennis rackets are definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new racket and will be a good investment if they match your preferences.