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If you’re looking for the perfect head tennis racket, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection has something for everyone, and we guarantee you’ll find the perfect one for your needs.

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Are you looking for a new racket but need help figuring out where to start? You’re in the right place, then! We’ve researched and compiled a list of some of the top head tennis rackets available.

We offer options for people of all backgrounds and skill levels, whether they are newbies or seasoned professionals. To help you choose the right racket for your game, we’ll examine each racket’s key characteristics and performance in greater detail in this review.

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Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Speed MP 2022

Radical MP

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Best Head Tennis Rackets

Graphene 360+ Speed MP

The Head Graphene 360 Speed MP is made for players who prefer a modern, spin-friendly frame that moves quickly through the air. With the Speed MP, your game will have more power and spin thanks to the active stringbed and expanded cross-strings.

The dynamic frame construction of the Speed MP is intended for faster speed. The sturdy shaft and shoulder region provide additional stability, a solid feeling, and sound. This frame is recommended for intermediate to experienced players who want a racket that supports big cuts with manageable power, generous spin, and a great feel.

Speed MP 2022

The latest iteration of the Speed MP tennis racket, the Speed MP 2022, is designed to cater to the needs of players who prefer a quick game with enhanced control, improved maneuverability, and more effortless handling. The frame comes with an open 16×19 string pattern, a 100 sq.-in. head, and a 23-mm beam, ensuring that aggressive players can maintain their ball-striking prowess with unparalleled command. The racket is a vital addition to the arsenal of any intermediate or advanced player seeking a premium contemporary racket that delivers power that can be tamed and a superior sensory experience.

Radical MP

The fully revamped Radical MP 2021 tennis racket is an extremely versatile and adaptable piece of equipment, possessing a comprehensive redesign both internally and externally. While retaining the previous model’s 16×19 string pattern, the new iteration boasts a more accurate and precise configuration, with a marginally denser string alignment.

Furthermore, to increase the power generated by the racket, the variable 20/23/21 mm cross-section has been slightly thickened compared to the Radical Pro. As a result, the Radical MP is an all-encompassing frame that caters to the playing styles of both baseline grinders and net chargers.

Graphene 360+ Extreme MP

The Head Extreme MP tennis racket has undergone technological improvements, ensuring that it provides a more responsive tactile experience, whilst simultaneously delivering the requisite power and spin. With an unstrung weight of 10.6 oz and a controllable swing weight, the Extreme MP offers exceptional maneuverability, providing an added advantage to its powerful 100 sq.-in. head.

The racket’s open 16×19 string pattern and innovative spin grommets have been specifically designed to make it the ultimate topspin weapon. The increased string movement and effective pocketing effect achieved through the racket’s contact with the ball allows players to take control of the game with power and spin. Thus, individuals looking to dictate play should undoubtedly consider adding the Extreme MP to their demo list.

Gravity MP

The Gravity MP tennis racket is built for big hitters who want to give their opponents a taste of their own medicine. With a 16×20 string pattern and a generous sweet spot, this racket is all about control and power. Its slim beam helps with medium-fast swings, making it a perfect choice for those who want to swing with ease.

This modern player’s racket is a real crowd-pleaser, thanks to its speed and user-friendliness. Plus, it’s got some serious comfort and feel, making it a total must-try. Just ask Alexander Zverev and Ashleigh Barty, who both swear by their Gravity frames.

Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

The Speed Pro is a racket that’s endorsed by Novak Djokovic and is perfect for experienced players who crave precision and control. Its 18×20 string pattern and smooth stiffness give it a fantastic feel, and it’s designed specifically for intermediate and advanced players who prefer a dense string pattern. With more pop than most control rackets, the Speed Pro is a racket that can help you take your game to the next level.

Radical Pro

The 2021 Radical Pro is a tennis racket that is well-suited for intermediate and advanced players looking for a stable and controllable feel during their game. It has a weight of 11.7 oz and features a thinner beam and a more arm-friendly flex rating compared to previous models, making it a comfortable choice for players.

One notable change in this new model is the addition of 5 grams to the target weight, which can add a bit of power to the player’s swings. Additionally, the Graphene 360 technology in this racket provides enhanced comfort, stability, and power all at once, making it an attractive option for those seeking an all-in-one racket.

Overall, the 2021 Radical Pro is a must-try for those who are already using a Radical racket or any experienced player looking for a complete and reliable option.

Graphene 360+ Extreme S

The Head Graphene 360 Extreme S is a tennis racket that provides a blend of power and spin. It has a larger head size of 105 sq.-in. and an open 16×19 string pattern that make it a topspin machine. The racket weighs 9.7 oz unstrung, which makes it light and easy to handle.

The Extreme S is designed with enlarged grommets at the 12 o’clock spot, which allow for increased string movement and power. Although it doesn’t have the same depth as the heavier Extremes, it still offers plenty of spin potential, similar to the heavier Pro and MP models. Its light swing weight makes it a great option from all areas of the court, enabling players to move opponents around with ease.

Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour

The Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour tennis racket has been engineered to add refinement to the Extreme series and heighten the spin-friendly playability of the product line. With a head size of only 98 sq.-in. and a slimmer beam, the racket has been optimized for feel and comfort during gameplay.

The Extreme Tour is specifically tailored for seasoned ball strikers who revel in playing a spin-centric game, while also necessitating greater command and precision.

Graphene XT Speed MP

Despite its light and maneuverable build, this racket boasts notable stability, making it an appealing option for strong hitters. Its spin capabilities are impressive, proving effective from all corners of the court. This player’s racket is particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced players seeking a maneuverable option that can deliver the necessary precision, spin, and power required for top-tier tennis.

Graphene XT Radical S

In contrast to other rackets within its product line, the Radical S stands out for its lightweight composition and exceptional maneuverability. Equipped with Graphene XT technology, this racket intelligently distributes its weight to maximize energy transfer and boost power. It’s an ideal choice for players seeking the precision and control of a high-quality player’s racket without the added weight.

Graphene XT Radical MP

Head is reintroducing the Graphene XT Radical MP, a racket that delivers exceptional control while also packing enough power to clinch crucial points. With its 98 sq.-in. head, 63RA stiffness, and tightly packed center main strings, this racket is a favorite among top-tier players. Its design caters to fast-swinging hitters seeking to generate spin with ease, all while maintaining a sense of tactile feedback and manageable power.

Gravity PRO

With its low-powered 18×20 string pattern, this racket is designed to help players maintain control over their most potent shots. The Gravity Pro features a slender 20mm beam and a supple 62RA flex that provides exceptional tactile feedback upon contact.

Weighing in at 11.1 ounces when unstrung, this racket is remarkably stable when defending against an opponent’s attacking shots. Players seeking a fresh approach to dictating the flow of play can count on the Head Gravity Pro 2021 to help them fully unleash the potential of each shot.

Radical S

The Radical S stands out from other rackets in the Radical series due to its larger head and lighter weight, providing greater power and making it an excellent choice for ambitious, all-court club players.

With a 102 sq.-in. head size, it is more forgiving and powerful than the Radical MP and Pro, while still delivering exceptional control on full cuts. This racket is an ideal option for players seeking a racket with a large sweet spot, increased comfort, and a subtle yet potent punch.

Instinct MP 2022

The 2022 Graphene 360+ Instinct MP features a new cosmetic update while maintaining the same specifications and technologies as the 2020 version, making it one of the most comfortable rackets in its class. It offers a smoother feel upon impact and more power compared to the Speed, Gravity, or Prestige lines. Weighing in at 10.6 oz unstrung, the Instinct MP is easy to handle on groundstrokes.

With a 16×19 string pattern, the racket provides excellent responsiveness, while its head-light balance is perfect for players with medium-fast swings. The Head Instinct MP is suitable for a broad range of players, from intermediate to advanced levels. It delivers a crisp feel and a solid response without compromising its remarkable comfort.

Speed Pro 2022

The Head Speed Pro tennis racket is designed to offer speed and control, with a modern frame that provides an improved feel. Its 18×20 string pattern and 100 sq.-in. head, combined with a 23-mm beam, gives big ball strikers exceptional control. This racket is perfect for experienced players seeking precise targeting and excellent feel on the court.

Boom MP

The Head Boom MP tennis racket is designed to offer players of all levels the perfect balance of power and feel. This racket delivers exceptional touch, arm-friendly comfort, and explosive acceleration, thanks to its intricate construction. With the Boom MP, players can generate more power with less effort, making it the perfect choice for those looking to improve their game.

Instinct Team L 2022

Similar to the Graphene 360+ Instinct Lite, the Head Instinct S racket is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, with a generous 107 sq.-in. head size and an open 16×19 string pattern for increased comfort, power, and spin. At 27.2 in. long, it also offers better reach and helps maximize the power of your shots.

The Instinct S provides a solid feel at impact and is a great option for singles players seeking more power from the baseline and doubles players looking to hit winners from anywhere on the court.

Boom PRO

The Head Boom Pro is a high-performance racket that offers exceptional stability, power, and feel. With a 10.9 oz unstrung weight, a 98 sq.-in. head, a 16×19 string pattern, and a thin beam design, the Boom Pro has everything that an advanced player needs in a racket, but with an extra dose of firepower.

This racket is specifically designed for advanced tournament players and boasts a completely new shape from Head, providing more stability and weight while increasing your power and confidence on the court.

Extreme MP 2022

The 2022 Head Extreme MP, which is endorsed by top Italian player Matteo Berrettini, allows players to generate extreme spin, putting pressure on their opponents from the start.

With its 100 sq.-in. head, comfortable 11.2 oz. strung weight, and open 16×19 string pattern, the Extreme MP is suitable for a wider range of players than the Tour model. This upgrade is perfect for aggressive intermediate players who want to hit powerful shots with topspin, thanks to its blend of speed, spin, and power.

Prestige MP

The Head Prestige MP tennis racket, with its weight of 10.9 oz, is a solid option for competitive play. Despite its slightly larger 99 sq.-in. head size, this frame can handle the power of aggressive opponents and redirect it with ease. The 18×19 string pattern provides excellent control for players who prefer to dictate the pace of their matches.

Designed for advanced players, the Prestige MP 2021 offers a heavier swing weight for added stability and complements a variety of shots, including flat, slice, and topspin from the baseline.

Prestige Pro

The latest update of the Prestige Pro maintains its outstanding precision and ball feedback while also making it a bit more user-friendly.

With a 98 sq.-in. head size and an 18×20 string pattern, this racket offers the expected accuracy from the Prestige line. It is an ideal choice for experienced players who prefer traditional player’s rackets and appreciate how effortless it is to play with.

Extreme Team L 2022

The Head Extreme Team L 2022 tennis racquet is designed for players with short, compact swings who want to add spin and power to their game. With a 23/26/22 millimeter cross section, this racquet provides excellent stability and power, even when hitting outside the sweet spot.

The larger 105 sq.-in. head offers easy access to power, making it a great choice for junior players transitioning to adult-sized frames. The Extreme Team L also provides better feel than many other racquets in its class, making it an excellent option for up-and-coming players looking to harness the spin and power of the Extreme line.

Speed Team 2022

The Head Speed Team tennis racket is easy to handle due to its lightweight and head-light balance, making it highly maneuverable on the court.

Its updated design features a sleek and modern look with a combination of matte and glossy finishes and chrome accents. This racket is perfect for intermediate players who play at a fast pace and want a racket that offers both speed and precision.

Most Important Head Racket Lines

Head Prestige Series

Head introduced the Prestige series with the Prestige Pro in 1987, setting a new standard for feel and control in professional tennis. Over the years, Head has released 14 updated versions of the Prestige racket, showcasing their commitment to constant improvement. From past champions like Goran Ivanisevic and Marat Safin to current players such as Marin Cilic and Gilles Simon, the Prestige line has been trusted by Grand Slam champions throughout different tennis eras.

Head Radical Series

Head launched the Radical series in 1993 with a custom racket designed for Andre Agassi, which he used to win the 1994 US Open. Over the years, Grand Slam champions like Andy Murray, Diego Schwartzman, and Sloane Stephens have also used Radical rackets. While the original Radical rackets were known for their exceptional feel and control, the latest versions now offer more power and flexibility.

Head Instinct Series

The Instinct racket line is designed for players seeking power and agility. Compared to the Prestige and Radical series, these rackets sacrifice some control to accommodate those who want to hit powerful winners from any position on the court. The Instinct line has been endorsed by top players like Maria Sharapova and Tomas Berdych.

Head Extreme Series

Head’s Extreme series focuses on generating spin and power, making it a great choice for players looking to hit deep shots from any part of the court. While they excel at power and spin, the high stiffness of these rackets can put a strain on the elbows over time. Nonetheless, the Extreme rackets deliver excellent on-court performance, as evidenced by the endorsement of players like Berrettini, Gasquet, and Jan-Lennard Struff, who use the Extreme Pro racket.

Head Gravity Series

The Gravity series is a recent addition to the Head racket lineup. Its focus is on control and comfort rather than power, but it has some unique features that set it apart from other Head series. The rounder and larger head of Gravity rackets make it easy to position and maneuver on the court. The Gravity Pro has become a popular choice among professional players such as Rublev, Zverev, and former world No.1 Barty, who recently retired.

Head Speed Series

The Speed series is one of the newer lines of Head rackets, providing players with a balanced combination of power, spin, and control, making it suitable for a wider range of players compared to other Head racket lines. These rackets perform well in various areas of the court, such as groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and returns. Some of the top players who use Speed rackets on the Pro Tour include Djokovic, Sinner, and Basilashvili.

Head Boom Series

The Boom series is a recent addition to the Head racket line, with two initial frames released in 2022. The company aimed to create a new dynamic racket line that combines the positive aspects of all their existing lines, catering to 80 percent of players’ needs. The main goal was to develop rackets that generate power effortlessly, boost player confidence, and enhance their overall performance. The Boom family is endorsed by promising talents like Coco Gauff and Lorenzo Musetti on the pro tour.


How much can you expect to spend on a Head tennis racket?

A beginner-level racket from Head typically has a price tag of $70, while the cost of an advanced racket from the same brand can go up to $270.

What is the warranty on Head rackets?

Every Head tennis racket has a one-year limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase and covers defects. If there’s a defect, the racket will either be repaired or replaced. However, the warranty does not cover certain situations, which are clearly stated by the company. This includes rackets that haven’t been strung to Head’s specifications, any impact areas, and repairs that are not permitted by the company.

WHICH TENNIS PROS play with Head Tennis RACquETS?

Novak Djokovic, Coco Gauff, Alexander Zverev, Barbora Krejcikova, Matteo Berrettini, Bianca Andreecu, Andrey Rublev, Jannik Sinner, Taylor Fritz, Andy Murray and Lorenzo Musetti.