From Adidas to Nike, these are the best tennis shoes out there. Read on to discover the best tennis shoe recommendations for you.

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It goes without saying that tennis is a highly challenging sport. It has a steep learning curve that can only be overcome if we hone our skills, practice a lot, and stay as disciplined as possible. However, there is more. 

What tennis gear we use on the court matters, and tennis shoes simply cannot be ignored. Not only do the physical features of our foot, such as its shape and size, differ from one another but we all move and feel differently.

To make matters worse, there are dozens of tennis shoe brands these days which, in turn, have dozens of types and models to offer, making finding the best tennis shoe a real effort. To avoid that, we will be going over some of the best tennis shoes on the market today. 

Top Pick

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8

Runner Up

Head Graphene Speed

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express


Wilson Blade 104 V8

ASICS Court FlyteFoam 2

Best Tennis Shoes By Category

Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes

Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes

Most Durable Tennis Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07GGZDKXL&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mytennisexper 20&language=en US

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Asics Gel Resolution 8

Wilson Rush Pro

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Tennis Shoes For Support

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 1

KSwiss Hypercourt Express 2

Adidas Barricade

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4

Best Tennis Shoes For Hard Court

Best Tennis Shoes For Clay Court

Best Tennis Shoes For Grass Court

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Babolat Jet Mach 3 Grass Shoe

Asics Court FlyteFoam

Asics Solution Speed FF2

Babolat Jet 3 Grass Shoe

The 21 Best Tennis Shoes Overall

Asics Gel Resolution 8

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 does a good job of combining both comfort and durability in a way that does not compromise on the style of the shoe. It is great for beginners and advanced players alike.

But perhaps the best thing about this men’s tennis and women’s tennis shoe is its ability to adapt to any foot shape or size, something many shoes lack. It also has a low profile and yet great lateral support which allows players to feel more planted on the baseline, giving them extra confidence and control. 

All in all, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is a great all-rounder that continues to enjoy strong popularity among tennis players and coaches. 

K-Swiss Hypercourt 2

The Hypercourt Express 2 was designed with one thing in mind, comfort, and the shoe truly delivers on that. It has ample padding, offering a squidgy feel to the feet upon stepping in.

However, despite the extra cushioning, the Express 2 is very light and stable. Part of that is due to its midsole, which is neither very soft nor rigid. 

Asics Court Flyte Foam 2

The Asics Court FlyteFoam 2 offers great support and balance if you want to move confidently across the court in all directions. In addition, these shoes will cushion irritating shock during impact in any direction. They will also offer responsive springing from the elastic midsole and dependable traction from the rubber sole.

The Asics Court FlyteFoam 2 tennis shoes should be cozy thanks to the forefoot and heel gel cushions. Also, according to some reviewers, they have a cozy, sock-like fit that makes them fit like a glove.

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0

The Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 is stable, durable, and reasonably comfortable. In addition, it is lighter, better ventilated, and more stable and durable than its predecessor! Most noticeably, the new mesh upper makes it more adaptable and breathable.

On the downside, a few reviewers had some ongoing toe jamming, which proved to be a minor drawback among a plethora of positives.

Nike Court Lite 2

With the Court Lite, as the name implies, Nike has put forth a shoe that puts weight reduction above everything else. The midsole uses Phylon and there is extra padding in the heel for added comfort.

Having said that, the Court Lite does not showcase the pinnacle of Nike’s shoe technology as it aims to offer good quality at an affordable price. As such, there are some flaws. The Court Lite lacks durability, requires break in time and is more suited for beginners and recreational players. 

Babolat SFX 3

This shoe is made with thermoplastic rubber and a compression system under the heel for excellent shock absorption. The tough rubber on these shoes slows down wear and tear, which makes them very durable. It also has extreme stability all around and as much comfort as any other tennis shoe you’ll come across.

It is not just among the best lightweight but also among the best-fitting tennis shoes because a wide range of players with different foot types (narrow feet, wide feet, high-arched) have said it fits perfectly.

ASICS Gel Challenger 12

Tennis shoes with high performance typically come at a higher cost, but the Asics’ new Gel Challenger 12 shows that this isn’t always the case. 

Reviewers were very pleasantly surprised with this shoe, especially given the low price tag. The outsoles were long-lasting and provided adequate traction on hard courts. They were easy to put on, but one flaw was that the fit expanded quite a bit over time, which was excessive for some reviewers.

The majority agreed that the Asics Gel Challenger 12 was an excellent choice for players seeking lightweight, comfortable, and cost-effective performance.

Adidas Barricade

The Barricade mainly targets players who demand high control and stability from their shoes. As such, the back section has been deliberately made more rigid than the rest of the shoe.

This ensures players feel steady during the swing. Its lacing system creates a tight fit by molding the tongue to the shape of your foot, giving you the most stability possible.

Adidas has also added the necessary materials to maximize the bounce this shoe offers on each step. Unlike most of the previous generations, the latest Barricade also improves on comfort and is fairly light. 

K-Swiss Hypercourt

This K-Swiss shoe is ideal for players with slightly wider feet and lower arches. In addition, the Hypercourt Express features excellent cushioning and comfort, as well as a somewhat wider fit.

The flexible synthetic leather upper provides a secure yet flexible fit, allowing you to move quickly around the court. The toe protection adds durability, and the materials make for a very light shoe.

The Hypercourt Express also lacks outside support, so players who run and cut quickly may not get the required stability. However, most beginner and intermediate players should have no trouble with this.

Prince T22

The T22 takes tennis shoe durability and protection to a whole new level. In fact, just glancing at this shoe would be enough to reveal just how much it focuses on that. In addition to a tough outsole, it has a very conspicuous protective toe guard.

It is also perfect for wide feet, offering extra room in the toe box, great cushioning alongside exceptional support and stability. On the flip side, these features add heft, and the T22 is definitely not a lightweight tennis shoe. 

Adidas Avacourt

The Adidas Avacourt is a popular shoe that is well-liked for its comfort and style. Reviewers love how light it is with its wider toe box, but some complain that the tongue is too long and rubs against their shins. The Avacourt is available in white and silver or indigo and orange.

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

The Exceed Tour 4 from Mizuno combines lightness with comfort. To achieve the latter, a lot of cushioning has been provided in the midsole by using what is known as the SR Touch technology.

And, through the lightweight Pownce midsole and the Wave technology, Mizuno says the Tour 4 would also be super responsive. 

New Balance Fresh Foam

Like many of the shoes it competes with, the Fresh Foam LAV offers great comfort and breathability. Where it pulls ahead, however, is its flexibility.

A unique stitched upper allows for sudden, sharp changes in direction without losing out on the stability and support vital for executing shots well while running around the court. 

Babolat Jet Mach III

When you take these shoes out of the box, they are beautiful and extremely comfortable. Hence, no break-in time is required. Although they are on the light side, they provide excellent levels of support. The polyamide and aramid in the upper keep you comfortable and come with ample support.

They’re ideal for hard courts, and the Michelin DIN20 outsole provides additional cushioning. They are more durable than their previous model, but they are a little small. So to be on the safe side, get them in a bigger size.

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic

Many players practice relentlessly and compete at least a few times each week. Most shoes available today are simply not designed to withstand that. The adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4, however, is an exception. This shoe has been made with advanced synthetic materials to provide great durability.

It got rid of some of the padding above the foot to shed weight, though that does result in reduced stability and control. The Adizero Ubersonic is suitable for all surfaces. 

Nike Court React Vapor NXT

The React Vapor NXT is a departure from the usual lightweight and low-profile construction of the Vapor line (i.e., Air Zoom Vapor Pro). Much of that is because of the new React sole and some specific touches, which allow for extended, high-intensity play and great stability, comfort, and grip. 

New Balance 786v2

The second New Balance pair on our list are these stunning-looking and high-performing 786v2 cushioning tennis shoes. Notable is the use of ABZORB technology to provide exceptional compression resistance and cushioning.

The elastic but sturdy midsole aids your performance while also providing adequate stability to keep your feet from moving around. The New Balance 786v2 Tennis Shoe is designed to give you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your game rather than your feet.

Adidas Stella Court

The Stella Court is one of the women’s shoes designed by Adidas in collaboration with Stella McCartney, hence the name. Its rubber outsole is better suited for hard courts, offering great grip on the surface alongside good durability. In addition, ample cushioning enhances comfort and response, crucial for dictating the play from the back of the court.

Stella Court’s rising popularity is a testament to its solid performance on hard courts, and even some of the top WTA stars use it on the circuit, Danielle Collins being one of them. 

K-Swiss Ultrashot 3

The Ultrashot 3 has a streamlined and smooth shape which looks very elegant. The nice looks, coupled with an amazing performance, make up for one fine shoe.

The bounce is arguably the best of any shoe out there. The Ultrashot 3 also has excellent traction and decent stability. The lack of breathability, however, is one of its drawbacks.  

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4

The Vapor Cage 4 is a good-looking shoe that ticks many boxes. It feels highly stable on hardcourts and provides ample support even during long, intense rallies. In addition, the Vapor Cage 4 is able to provide strong baseline performance without compromising on comfort and protection, helping players easily sustain sharp, quick direction changes.

Not to mention, with the Zoom Air technology, the midsole provides a high bounce, enabling players to redeem themselves more easily in a rally. On the whole, the Vapor Cage 4 is certainly a capable shoe. 

Wilson Kaos 2.0

Though not the most premium shoe in the market, the Kaos 2.0 does have some benefits for competitors. The shoe’s combination of low weight and high traction can do wonders on fast courts. In addition, it provides a fairly high level of cushioning as well. What it clearly misses out on, though, is flexibility.  

Also Good Tennis Shoes

adidas Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe

adidas Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

New Balance 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

Buying Guide


This has to be at the top of the priority list when purchasing a tennis shoe. Players need to run, slide and change directions to win a match. An uncomfortable shoe simply wouldn’t allow that and is, therefore, useless. 


One thing is quite obvious when we see Djokovic slide on a tennis court. Tennis is mostly about lateral movement, and players often need to change direction very quickly and shift their weight. Doing so is more convenient with a good tennis shoe as their outsoles are designed keeping that in mind. 


Tennis shoes are generally heavier than other types of shoes. This is largely attributable to their uppers which have to take into account the great lateral movement in tennis. Not only do they extend high around the ankles, but they also make use of heavier materials such as leather which is kept quite thick as well.

This helps avoid ankle sprain and increases stability. However, on the flip side, it decreases maneuverability. As such, those who depend more on their movement to dominate the game would be better off with a lightweight, less supportive shoe. 


A good tennis shoe must fit the foot of the tennis player perfectly. This is easier said than done. It can be difficult for some to figure out how wide or narrow their feet are. In that case, shoes of different widths should be tested and compared with the current one to get an idea of which would be better for sliding and running. 


Tennis is a physically demanding game involving a lot of movement with players constantly shifting their weight from one side to another.

So, a tennis shoe needs to be strong enough to last at least a few months even for those who practice a lot and play aggressively. A durable shoe has a sturdy upper and a firm outsole that doesn’t abrade easily. 


Tennis shoes that lack breathability can lead to a greater accumulation of sweat, which can cause bacterial or fungal infections. Normally, the ones with mesh uppers offer better ventilation. 


Slipping in a tennis match may cause an injury in addition to losing a point. Shoes providing better traction have outsoles with a zig-zag tread pattern and special, grippy rubber. 


Different surfaces require different shoes. Hard court shoes and clay court shoes nevertheless share some features. The outsoles of both have a zig-zag tread pattern to provide better grip while quickly accelerating or stopping, however, the hardcourt ones are more durable due to the abrasive nature of the surface. 

On the other hand, grass, like clay, is slippery, but that is where the similarities between the two surfaces end. As a result, grass court shoes generally have a few unique features.

The small bumps across the length of their outsole help with the surface’s fast and low bounce. They are also lightweight with thinner, less durable soles and upper. Once again, this allows for quick acceleration and direction changes. 


There are a few things to keep in mind here. First, tennis shoes with greater support, stability, and control usually have high uppers and thick soles. So, powerful players who rely on sheer power to win points should get one of these.

In contrast, those who have a more dynamic game would need to go with a lightweight shoe. These have short uppers and thinner soles and often less protection on the outside. 


Tennis shoes usually weigh anywhere between 308 grams and 470 grams. To be classified as lightweight, they must tip the scales at anything under 400 grams. 

this is not the vapor x but tennis shoes on a clay court surface.


Can I Wear Running Shoes for Tennis?

Tennis can be played with a running shoe, however, it wouldn’t provide the same level of traction or stability during lateral movement as a tennis shoe. 

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used for Walking?

They can be. Having said that, there are a few disadvantages to doing that. First, tennis shoes are considerably more expensive than walking shoes. Using them for walking would unnecessarily wear out their outsoles, which are vital in providing high traction on the court. They are also heavier than a walking shoe on average. 

How Long Do Tennis Shoes Last?

This varies based on how long and often they are played with. A new tennis shoe is generally required when the midsole is worn out. On average, midsoles last somewhere between 50 and 60 hours of play.

If we do the math, this means those who play for an hour once every week would need to get a new pair of tennis shoes for themselves once a year.  

What’s the Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Sneakers?

Sneakers are for casual use, like walking, and although tennis shoes are also usually referred to as sneakers, they actually aren’t. Tennis shoes may have some similarities with sneakers but they are bespoke footwear.

They have special soles, a reinforced toe guard, and many other features that provide the support, stability, and durability necessary to perform well on a tennis court. 

What Tennis Shoe Does Novak Djokovic Play In?

Novak Djokovic has played in the high performance Asics Court FF2, one of the best men’s tennis shoes for the last few years.

What Is the Best Tennis Shoe of All Time?

Some tennis experts say that the Nike Zoom Vapor X, originally designed for Roger Federer, is the best tennis shoe ever. Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued. Your best chance to find it might be on eBay these days.

How To Choose The Best Tennis Shoes?

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