Cut time spent packing your gear and find the perfect tennis bag for your needs. Climb the rankings with our list of the best tennis bags on the market today!

A good tennis bag can make all the difference, keeping your gear organized and easily accessible so you can focus on your game. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best tennis bags on the market today to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a bag out there that will work for you. So, let’s get started and find the perfect bag to help you bring your A-game to the court!

Top Pick

Wilson Advantage

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Runner Up

Babolat Pure 6

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Acosen Backpack

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Best 3 Racket Tennis Bags

Wilson Advantage

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Head Core 3R Pro

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Babolat Club Essential

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Best 6 Racket Tennis Bags

Babolat Pure 6 Pack

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Head Core 6R

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Wilson Super Tour

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Best 9 Racket Tennis Bags

Babolat Expandable RH X

Head Tour Team 9R

Wilson Ultra 9Pk

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Best 12 Racket Tennis Bags

adidas Tour Tennis 12

Wilson RF DNA 12

Dunlop Sports CX 12

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Best Tennis Duffel Bags

adidas Team Issue Duffel

Head Gravity 12R Duffle

Babolat Duffle XL

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Best Tennis Backpacks

Acosen Backpack

Athletico City Backpack

Himal Backpack

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Best Tennis Tote Bags

Champion Signal Tote

cinda b. Tennis Tote

Ame & Lulu Love Tote

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Best Individual Tennis Bags

Wilson Advantage Bag

Carry your racquets in style with the advantage tennis bag, a great choice for any player looking for a strong neutral color scheme and exceptional value in a racquet bag. This bag can hold up to 3 adult racquets and includes a secondary compartment for personal items or accessories. A padded grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap provide additional transportation options. This bag was made for flexibility, comfort, and pure convenience.

Babolat Pure 6

This bag has 2 major compartments, a ventilated shoe compartment, and 2 large accessory pockets. The racket compartment can hold up to 3 rackets and has a lined pocket to keep your rackets, especially the strings, safe from extreme weather conditions.

The ventilated shoe compartment keeps your dirty shoes separate from your clean clothes. This bag is excellent for keeping you organized. This bag’s padded shoulder straps and handles make it easy and comfortable to carry to and from the courts.

Babolat Expandable Rh X

Babolat’s Team Line Expandable bag will help you up your bag game. This versatile bag has two racket-specific compartments holding up to nine rackets. Three zippers with the option to expand even further. Two side accessory pockets are ideal for storing smaller items. Padded shoulder straps that double as backpack straps make for simple and comfortable transport.

Adidas Tour Tennis 12

Get your equipment to the court in winning condition.  This 12-pack bag features stylish black, scarlet, and white cosmetics. The bag itself can hold up to 12 rackets. Shoe storage with ventilation. External accessory storage pocket. Wide, padded shoulder straps with a soft back panel. The accessory storage is ideal for storing your cell phone and tablet. Both racket compartments are insulated to keep strings safe from the elements.

Adidas Team Issue 2

This Adidas duffel is the type of tennis bag ideal for traveling to games or simply moving between workouts. It is made of a long-lasting woven fabric with a water-resistant base. Wet shoes or gym gear can be stored in the outside mesh pockets. For added security, keep your valuables in an inside zip pocket. A padded shoulder strap and padded handles ensure a comfortable carrying experience.

Acosen Backpack

This tennis backpack has five pockets to keep your tennis essentials and equipment organized, making it easy to carry and keep up to three rackets nice and safe. This tennis backpack is made of high-quality materials that are lightweight but long-lasting. With its comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, this sturdy professional tennis bag is suitable for both men and women.

Geau Sport Axiom

The Geau Sport Aether 3 Pack Tennis Bag has a new look for the court and is just the right size to carry a few rackets and accessories! The front of this bag features a long, mesh accessory pocket perfect for anything you might need on the court, as well as a main compartment large enough for three racquets and a pair of shoes. There is also a tunnel at the bottom of the bag and a felt-lined accessory compartment for storing valuables. The adjustable padded shoulder strap allows you to carry this bag comfortably.

Head Core 3 R Pro

The simplicity of the Core Series 3 Pack Pro Bag will appeal to recreational players. You can transport up to three rackets to the courts with one main compartment. A front accessory pocket keeps your smaller items organized and easily accessible. Use the removable, padded shoulder strap or the handles to carry this ultra-light bag.

Head Core 6 R Combi

The Core Series 6 Pack Combi Bag is a lightweight racket bag designed for players who need to bring extra equipment to the court. Two large main compartments can hold six rackets each, while a small zippered accessory pocket on the front keeps smaller items easily accessible. Carry the bag as a backpack or strap it over your shoulders with the two padded/adjustable straps.

Head Tour Team 9

Dedicated players who don’t want to carry a super heavy bag will appreciate the Head Tour Team Extreme 9 Pack Supercombi. With two main compartments, there is enough room to store up to six racquets in the insulated compartment to protect your gear from the elements, while the other pocket can hold other gear or more rackets. An exterior accessory pocket keeps small items organized and easily accessible. Carry this bag with ease thanks to the padded shoulder straps that can be worn as a backpack and clipped on the top or bottom of the bag.

Wilson Federer DNA 12 Pack

The Federer DNA 12 Pack is a player’s dream, combining a sleek, modern design with durable materials and enhanced functionality for the ultimate package. The Thermoguard 2.0 liners on the main compartments protect your tennis gear from the elements, while much-improved zipper functionality leads the list of user-friendly upgrades. Federer fans will recognize Rogers legendary signature, decorated on both sides.

Head Gravity 12-Pack

With the Gravity 12-Pack Duffel Bag, you’ll be ready for battle! There’s plenty of room in a bag that can hold up to twelve rackets and includes a shoe compartment, an insulated compartment that protects your rackets in extreme weather conditions, and additional inside and outside accessory pockets. This duffel bag is as stylish as it is functional, thanks to its new design and adjustable backpack straps, so it’s no surprise it’s on Alexander Zverev’s shoulder.

Different Types of Bags

Smaller Racquet Bags

Along with a racket duffel bag commonly seen on the pro tour is a smaller version that holds three or six rackets. This bag style is ideal for the average club player who requires space for two or three racquets, shoes, clothes, and other items. The drawback of this bag is that it is difficult to carry on foot. They don’t usually have backpack-style straps, so they must be carried using the carry handle or over the shoulder, unlike larger racket bags. 


The racket backpack is another excellent option for players who only occasionally hit the courts. Backpacks typically have enough space for one or two rackets and can be a more comfortable alternative to longer racket bags that hang off the shoulder. Water bottles, ball cans, and accessory compartments are common features of these small carriers.

Tote Bags

There is an entire world of tennis totes designed with colors, prints, and personalities to match your game! These bags are designed specifically for tennis players, with pockets and compartments for your rackets, shoes, and court accessories. A tote bag ranges in size, material, and price and is guaranteed to help you show up in style, whether bright and bold or a simple color.

Pro Racquet Bags

Racquet bags for pros can hold anywhere from nine to fifteen rackets. It has multiple compartments, the outermost of which can regulate its temperature to protect the rackets from extreme weather conditions. These bags typically include a shoe tunnel and numerous accessory pockets. Some models may include a water-resistant pouch to store towels or clothes, making it extremely convenient.

Professional racquet bags are ideal for professional players or coaches who need to carry a large number of racquets and other items on a regular basis. If you’re a casual player who only plays a few times a month, this bag will be too heavy to carry around, with too much-wasted space that you’ll have to fill with stuff you won’t use.

Duffle Tennis Bags

Duffle bags are an excellent way to transport extra clothing. Manufacturers are producing various duffel sizes so that you can carry your rackets. You will see elite players on TV using a duffle bag for their extra shirts, warm-ups, and shoes. These also are great for business or personal travel.

Buying Guide

Racquet Storage

If you only have one tennis racquet, you probably don’t need a bag that can hold 15 racquets. In any case, storage space is something to think about.

Shoe Storage

Almost all racquet bags will have a shoe compartment. Some bags will have a dedicated storage compartment, which may or may not be well-ventilated. Nobody wants to open their tennis bag and pass out from the odor of their shoes!

Accessory & Gear Storage

Smaller items such as tennis balls, water bottles, or personal valuables should be stored in an accessory and gear pocket. You want something with secure zippers and plenty of space. For added protection, some bags have these pockets on the outside, while others have them on the inside wall.


A tennis backpack is the only logical choice if you’re riding a motorcycle or bike to and from the court. Those who must walk long distances to their favourite court or travel for tennis may benefit from using a wheelie tennis bag. Those who don’t need to carry a lot of equipment can probably get by with a racket cover. If you frequently travel with your rackets, you may want a lightweight bag with padded straps.


Your bag will most likely end up on the court somewhere on an abrasive surface of a hard or clay court. Furthermore, tt will take a beating while travelling, whether in the trunk or stacked in the back of a van or bus. With this in mind, you’ll want to look for a bag that can withstand the wear and tear from everyday use. The material and zippers are two things to look out for. Higher-priced bags generally have thicker, more durable fabrics and dependable heavy-duty zippers that can withstand repeated use.


Another consideration when selecting a tennis bag is the brand. Some people are brand conscious and prefer a bag that matches their tennis rackets. However, some people believe certain brands are good for racquets but not for bags, so they look into other brands. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. The best tennis bag brands are Wilson, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Head, Dunlop, Adidas, and Nike.


This is most likely the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a tennis bag. Avoid purchasing cheap tennis bags. They are usually made of poor-quality materials and last only a short time. As a result, you will ultimately spend more money in the long run. At the same time, you don’t have to buy the most expensive bags to ensure their quality. Strive for a balance between what you require and the cost price. Look for a bag that offers the best value for money.


Can I Use a Backpack As a Tennis Bag?

Yes, a backpack can be used as a tennis bag. Check that the backpack is insulated, sturdy, and large enough to store your tennis balls, rackets, and other accessories.

Why Are Tennis Bags Insulated?

Tennis bags are commonly insulated to protect the tennis racket from extreme weather conditions and moisture.

How Should I Carry a Tennis Bag?

Tennis bags usually have 1-2 shoulder straps to make them easier to carry. On the other hand, bags with two shoulder straps are easier to carry and better for your shoulders than those with only one.

How Should I Clean My Tennis Bag?

Cleaning a tennis bag is a simple task. Put a soft-bristled brush in a soap and water solution and clean the bag in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

What Tennis Bags Do Tennis Pros Use?

An elite tennis player will generally carry a big 12-15 pack tennis bag and an additional shoulder bag or backpack. They require such a large bag primarily due to a large number of racquets they bring to tournaments, but it must also accommodate sports drinks, spare shoes, and food.

How Much Does a Tennis Racquet Bag Cost?

A tennis backpack or a smaller racket bag can be bought for $50-100. The larger bags favored by professionals range in price from $120 to $200.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a good tennis bag is an essential piece of equipment for any tennis player. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having a bag that can keep your gear organized and easily accessible is crucial. We hope our list of the best tennis bags on the market today has helped you find the perfect bag for your needs. Remember to consider the size, durability, and functionality when making your decision.

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