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Over the years, we’ve tested a ton of tennis training equipment and have developed a best-of-list that can help you take your game to the next level.

There is a fundamental truth in tennis everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to improve their game sooner or later when they feel it has reached a plateau! Your game as a whole can be flawed, individual strokes, or both. Each one of us learns most efficiently in one of the three predominant learning styles or a combination: visual seeing, kinesthetic feeling & auditory hearing!

Interestingly, nearly 100% of tennis players learn best in situations and with resources that resonate with our visual and tactile senses. It’s also interesting to note that coaches and teaching professionals use the verbal-auditory learning style for about 90% of their sessions, which is simply ineffective for instructing and coaching sports.

The proper tennis training aid accelerates learning through kinesthetic (feeling) and visual (seeing) teaching techniques. Here are the best tennis training aids that I use in my own sessions:

Top Pick
  • Can be used for practice at home or on the court
  • Adjustable in height, making it suitable for juniors and players up to seven feet tall
  • Weight is 6 lbs which is great for transportation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee when purchased on the TOPSPINPRO site
Runner Up
Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro
  • Learn perfect practice habits at home for improved consistency on the tennis court with the Billie Jean King Eye Coach + Revolutionary Drills.
  • Develop perfect muscle memory through drills that help align your body on each stroke, resulting in strokes with effortless power and spin.
  • Seamless transfer of skills to the tennis court using the Revolutionary Drills; watch videos and practice for ten minutes a day to see significant stroke improvements.
  • Suitable for players of any age and ability level, from beginning juniors to Tour Professionals, enhancing skills quickly and effectively.
  • Improvement guarantee: Memorize the 15 included strokes with 5,000 repetitions at home and 1,500 repetitions on the court for guaranteed improvement within 3 years of purchase.
OnCourt OffCourt Flex Trainer
  • Package includes 3 resistance levels for players to choose from, gently pulling them into a lower playing height with knees slightly bent.
  • Essential tool for players of all ages to improve movement skills by bending their knees and getting closer to the ground.
  • Forces players to naturally get lower to the ground, maintaining a strong position to make plays.
  • Comfortable fit with heavy stitching, adjustable Velcro, ensuring ease of wear.
  • Multi-sport design suitable for various sports, providing athletes with a feel for playing height and enhancing their fitness regimen. Sports such as football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and more can benefit from using the Flex Trainer.
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9 Best Tennis Training Aids

Top Pick

Some players struggle to learn correct topspin groundstrokes for years, which is notoriously challenging.

Even if you’ve always hit flat shots, the TopspinPro will significantly improve your tennis game by adding more spin to all your groundstrokes within the first two weeks.

Specifications and Features

  • can be used for practice at home or on the court
  • adjustable in height, making it suitable for juniors and players up to seven feet tall
  • weight is 6 lbs which is great for transportation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee when purchased on the TOPSPINPRO site
Runner Up
Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro

Any level and age will immediately and permanently improve with good tennis practice. Increasing power, accuracy, and minimizing unnecessary mistakes are benefits of consistently hitting the sweet spot. Improve hitting the sweet spot by more than 40%.

Enables practice in any location, at any time, and in any weather. Simply 10 feet of space and 5 minutes are required. All tennis techniques translate perfectly to the court. Better off-court practice with fewer interruptions and more reliable hits.

Specifications and Features

  • comes with 17 instructional videos
  • access to personal training & support from expert staff
  • 4 different heights for various ball positions
OnCourt OffCourt Flex Trainer

With the aid of the Flex Trainer, students can finally practice swinging with their knees bent, keeping a lower center of gravity and a more athletic stance on and off the court. Practice anytime with your coach on the court and by doing shadow swings off the court. In addition, it creates a fantastic leg workout for players who want to get into excellent match-playing shape.

Tennis instructors teach their students to “bend your knees” all around the world over and over again but without a lot of success. With this great training aid, players are more compelled to follow this advice, thanks to the Flex Trainer.

Specifications and Features

  • comes with 6 resistance bands allowing it to adjust to 3 different resistance levels.
  • extensive pdf manual available on

This device allows you to swing like the pros. It also conditions the muscles in your wrist to stay in the 90-degree position between the racket and the forearm, which will benefit all your strokes, especially forehand, backhand, and volley. It also helps to alleviate tennis elbow pain by transferring the impact force from the elbow to the wrist.

Specifications and Features

  • fits right and left-handed players
  • one size fits most sizes (adults and most junior players)
  • comes with an elbow brace & adjustable elastic cord
Agility Ladder

Footwork and explosive, quick moves are vital in tennis. This speed and agility training set is all you need to improve those qualities. This great tool includes all you need to improve your speed, agility, explosiveness, coordination, footwork, and balance. This will elevate your game to a higher level of play on the court.

Specifications and Features

  • set comes with 1x speed ladder, 20x flat cones, 1x resistance training rope, 1x jump rope, 5x resistance bands, and 1x handbag
  • multiple colour options available
  • lightweight – easy to carry
Ahari Unlimited - Tennis Ball Rebounder

This tennis ball rebounder set comes with durable balls and elastic strings that will help you improve your skills easily. It builds quickness, hand-eye coordination, stamina and improves concentration, as you will have to stay on your toes to be in the right position to hit the next shot.

Its heavy-duty metal base sticks to the ground due to its non-skid rubber grip at the bottom to increase the friction with the ground & improves stability, unlike cheaper options out there.

Specifications and Features

  • comes with three replacement balls and strings
  • suitable for all ages, beginners, and intermediate players
  • tournament quality balls
  • no need to fill base with water or sand
  • lightweight and portable
  • easy setup
Start Rite Grip Trainer

The Start Rite Grip Trainer is another great piece of tennis equipment to own, as you’ll get a feel for the continental grip and other grips quickly. This very durable device attaches to your racket quickly and easily without making the grip size feel larger.  What can it do for you?

  • condition the hand to use the continental grip
  • eradicates coach’s frustration teaching the continental grip
  • hold the racket correctly by separating the index and middle finger

Specifications and Features

  • comes as a 3 pack
  • can also be used for other sports like pickleball, padel, and platform tennis
Tennis ServeMaster

This training aid helps you improve your serve, groundstrokes, and overheads. It’s suitable for any age (5+) and skill level. Beginners and intermediate players get the most out of it by learning the proper swing path using natural biomechanics. It will bring players up to speed when practicing the serve motion more than any other device or technique I’ve come across.

Specifications and Features

  • suitable for kids and adults
  • comes with one, two, or three balls attached to it, depending on the size of player using it
  • can be used on and off the court
Toalson Sweet Area Racket 280 Training Tennis Racket Unstrung

This training racket is ideal for improving your accuracy. In addition, it will improve your consistency in hitting the racquet’s sweet spot.

This racquet is designed the same way as a regular racquet, but the head size is only 60 square inches, making it ideal for practicing hitting the ball in the sweet spot on regular-sized racquets.

Specifications and Features

  • weighs 280 grams
  • made of graphite & glass fiber
  • head size is 60 sq. inches

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